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Is Your Pest Infestation Driving You Batty?

Fight back with Little's Critter & Tree Removal in Texarkana

No matter the age or size of your Arkansas home or business, eventually, pests will find their way inside. When that happens, count on the knowledgeable wildlife professionals at Little's Critter & Tree Removal. We may not be exterminators, but our pest removal specialist has been helping residents with wildlife control in Texarkana, and surrounding areas for years.

If you’re tired of trying to keep squirrels, opossums, skunks, honey bees and bats out of your residential or commercial property, call Critter Removal for expert assistance.

Don’t watch as your home or business is taken over by critters

There’s nothing worse than watching your space become overrun with squirrels, skunks, honey bees and other pests, even wild hogs! Fortunately, the removal professional at Little's Critter & Tree Removal has the skills and expertise needed to give you a home or business that’s free from wildlife.

Whether you have bats in the attic of your home or squirrels causing havoc in your apartment complex, you’ll get the help you need from Little's Critter & Tree Removal in Texarkana TX & AR. Our wildlife removal technician specializes in using safe and legal techniques to give you a home or business that’s free from problems.

After you call our professional, we’ll come to your residential or commercial property, inspect every inch and inform you of our solution. Once we’re done removing your squirrel, opossum, bee, skunk or bat problem, we’ll put preventative measures in place to stave off future infestations.

Because we’re confident in our ability to safely and legally remove live or dead animals that have infested your Texarkana home or business, we guarantee our work. Get a free local estimate on your bat, bee, skunk, opossum or squirrel issue by calling Little's Critter & Tree Removal in Arkansas.

Take back control of your property and get rid of your pests

We understand the frustration of dealing with a wildlife infestation. That’s why we work hard to be your go-to removal experts. Our specialist is bonded and experienced in doing one better than offering superior extermination techniques- we remove live critters!

Stop sharing your residential or commercial space with unwanted critters. If you're a local, get a free estimate on your bat, opossum, squirrel, honey bee or skunk problem by calling Little's Critter and Tree Removal in Texarkana today.

We're not exterminators!

While our business might seem to revolve around the man vs wild, or man vs critter mentality, our business model is actually to the advantage of the critter. Think about it! While exterminators definitely get the job done, our team works to free your home of pesky critters and also relocating these animals to more appropriate habitats and environments. Trust us, these little guys are happy when we show up instead of the local exterminator. If a squirrel, skunk, bat or other animal becomes a nuisance, call your local alternative to extermination. Call Little Critter & Tree Removal!